Help sign

Name of destination

Here you have to enter your favorite Greek place (or island or beach), which should be on the sign. The sign then shows the Greek spelling (yellow) and your chosen spelling (white). If you want your spelling (white) to appear on the sign in English as in the original, then you have to specify it exactly that way!

The length and price of the sign depend on the number of characters (in 6 levels).

Where is the destination?

To avoid confusion, we ask you to provide us with a short, concise description of where the specified destination is in Greece.

Starting location (zip code & city)

Here you have to enter your zip code and place of residence so that we can determine the distance. That is the number = kilometer that is written on the sign. This number is the distance (as the crow flies in kilometers) between the starting location specified here and the specified destination location.
To determine the distance (as the crow flies in kilometers) we primarily use the online service .

If you take the measurement, for example If you have done this yourself via Google Maps because you are traveling to Greece by car, then you can also enter the kilometers directly here, e.g. "2038km".

Questions or comments

If you have a question about the order form or need help, use our contact form . If you want to give us a note about your order, simply use the input field in the shopping cart.