Lakos Beach

Lakos Beach is a little out of the way. The hotel “The Small Village Hotel” is about 2 km away and about 3 km away is “Ancient House-Hippocrates Garden”, otherwise everything else is even further away. Even though the last few hundred meters are on a sandy track, the path can also be done with a small car as there is almost no elevation gain to overcome. On the main island road I saw a total of 3 signs pointing the way to Lakos Beach. So it shouldn't be a problem to find a suitable junction.

View of the Merer from the parking area

Since Lakos Beach is so far away from the crowd, the beach is apparently a bit of an insider tip. When we got there there was only one young couple there. But you also have to say that it was very windy that day. We didn't stay at Lakos Beach, the waves and the breeze were too strong for relaxed sunbathing and swimming.
From what I've heard, there's usually a lounger rental option. Apparently there is no tavern with sanitary facilities on Lakos Beach.

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