Magic Beach Beach & Tavern

Directions to Magic Beach

On the day of our visit to Magic Beach, we each rented a Suzuki Jimny. “Each” because we were traveling with a friend and her children. We didn't really need the jeep, but we rented the jeeps to give the children something special. You can also easily drive to Magic Beach with a normal small car.

From Mastichari we went up the island highway “Epar. Od. Ko-Kefalou” (The main road from Kos, so to speak. It leads from west to east across the island.) towards Kefalos. First past the airport and then past the Plaka Peacock Cat Forest. After about 20 minutes of driving, the Melissa beekeeping appeared on the left (unfortunately we didn't visit the beekeeping).

Directly after the beekeeping, a reasonably well-paved road leads down to Magic Beach. But the path is not a problem, at a reasonable pace, rather slowly and carefully, the elevation gain is easy.

After 900m you first come to the Magic Beach Tavern and after another 100m you are down at the Magic Beach beach.

Yikes, where did we end up here? Exotic beach, nudist on Kos

Since we had never been to Magic Beach and we didn't know the area, we initially had the following strange situation. When we arrived at the bottom of the beach, we saw parasols directly in front of us and a little further to the left, we also saw parasols. Since we prefer the quieter place with less hustle and bustle, we turned left. When we got out of the jeeps, we took a closer look. Now we also knew how to explain the “Exotic Beach” sign in more detail: Lots of naked people! When we think of exotic, we think of naked people on a (desert) island. We just thought the name was fitting.

Quickly took a few pictures of the jeeps, got back in and turned around to our actual destination, the Magic Beach.

Unfortunately there was no communication between us and Magic Beach

By taking a short detour via Exotic Beach, we ended up at the parasols on the left, where the loungers and parasols are in just one row. Me and one of the children first jumped into the sea. Here we got to know them, which is why we only paid a short visit to Magic Beach: after about 2m there are quite flat but large rocks/slabs in the water that you can't see from the beach.

First, the child scraped his ankle bloody on a rock. Then, when I stood on one of the rocks, I got a small, bleeding wound on the sole of my foot from a broken shell. This small wound wasn't too bad, but it still hindered my ability to walk for half of the vacation.
Since I probably got a middle ear infection from the pool water (or was it the sea water?) and got a nice sunburn on my calves from the sun, I was once again more disabled on vacation than I am at home.

So the bathing fun was over after 3 minutes. And after less than 10 minutes we decided to pack our things again and grab a bite to eat at the Magic Beach Tavern.

Tip: If you look at Magic Beach from above on Google, the rocks don't seem to be everywhere in the water. From a bird's eye view, it looks as if there are no rocks in the water where the parasols are in a double row.,27.0260106,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x14bdf87cdea350f3:0x34c4e1245c15e5d0!8m2!3d36.7666651!4d2 7.0281993

Maybe someone can say something about this in the comments?

Magic Beach Tavern: Views and good food

The food in the tavern was good and the quantity was adequate to plentiful and you could enjoy the great panorama. The waiter was very nice and joked with the children. We liked the Magic Beach Tavern with its ambience and would come again. Should we end up at Magic Beach again at some point.

Supposedly there is a semi-tame pet peacock at the Magic Beach Tavern. Yes, you read that right: The Walks around the tavern and gets snacks. Unfortunately we didn't see him. Looking across the sea and enjoying it would certainly have been a little more varied for the children.

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