We collect donations for the registered animal protection organization ANIMAL RESCUE KOS (registration number 997918563).

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Animal Rescue Kos - animal protection organization on Kos
Animal Rescue Kos
Kivotos, Antimachia 85302, Kos, Greece
Registered charity 997918563
Phone: +30 6940875258
Animal Rescue Kos

Animal Rescue Kos is based in the small village of Antimachia on Kos and has been registered with the Greek courts as an animal protection organization since June 2010.

Their goal is to reunite owners with their lost pets, rehome stray animals, and provide shelter and care to animals in need.
Many animals that are injured, malnourished or sick receive the medical care and help they need from Animals Rescue Kos.

Where is Animal Rescue Kos based?

Animal Rescue Kos
Kivotus, Antimachia 85302
Kos, Greece
Registered charity 997918563
Tel. +30 6940875258

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