Options: Magnets Usage Instructions


  • Before placing the magnetic sign, the contact surface must be absolutely dry, clean and dust-free.
  • Hold the magnetic sign above the selected surface and then lower it, do not push it (avoid scratches)
  • Do not attach to decorative strips or sharp profile edges.
  • Never apply the magnetic signs to freshly painted or polished surfaces; allow the paint to harden well beforehand.
  • Attention: With metallic paintwork and new paintwork, both the magnetic foils and the contact surface must be cleaned daily and kept dry.


  • Clean only with mild cleaning agents; Under no circumstances should cleaning be carried out with solvents or liquids containing solvents. Depending on the outside temperature, cleaning should be carried out at least three times a week, and every two days in winter and mid-summer.
  • Magnetic signs must be removed before each wash cycle (manually or in a car wash).


  • Magnetic signs must be stored flat to avoid “dog ears”, e.g. on a metal cupboard or a metal door, but never on profile surfaces or radiators.
  • Bending, folding or rolling up can significantly limit or reduce its usability. If rolling up is necessary, the magnetic side must always be on the inside (do not roll up tighter than a diameter of 10 cm).


  • This magnetic sign is not suitable for use on vehicles.
  • Cracks and breaks only occur when used improperly.